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I got 34 and probably could easily get more.
@Hippo, I could probably determine the chord length of a completed line and, instead of moving (or drawing) 5 pixels at a time, move (draw) the entire chord length each act step. I would think that would help for the visual on the site.
@Hippo, that is top speed -- right? Believable. However, in the greenfoot application, it runs SO much quicker (probably 20 to 30 or more times quicker). The visual effect is greatly enhanced..
Still very slow on site !!!
My God -- it is sooo slow in HTML5. Must make source available so it can be run off-line.
Dang -- codes not showing.
Apparently, changing worlds from a constructor does not go well with HTML5.
I thought there might be some interest in this being you cannot use swing components online. Apparently not ;<o