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Remove all "import java.awt.Color;" and make all color names completely uppercase.
@Roshan123, No. All users who run this while logged into greenfoot SHOULD be listed. However, I believe the scenario has broke since the change-over to javascript.
@RcCookie, give it go with actor│ -- grid or no grid. Let us know how far you got along.
@mariq_rasyid29, please start a discussion thread on your issue. Explain in detail what you want to accomplish. Show any related codes.
I would be interested to see how you coded this. It is not simple code. How much help did you get for this? I created a working model of it and realized how involved it was. I only used Actor objects for the clickable boxes. I thought that having actors for the main grid would just make things more difficult to deal with.
Two issues: (1) color box of current color should be inactive (or at least not count as a step when clicked); (2) a static array is preventing a clean reset.
@AnJoMorto, are you not creating them with a true boolean? addObject(new Enemy(), x, y, true);
@Roshan123, adding of collection png not currently working properly. Been that way for some time now. Note my latest collection had issues as well.
Field declaration: GreenfootSound background_music; In constructor: if (background_music == null) { background_music = new GreenfootSound("Background_music.mp3"); }