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Start a discussion thread to explain your issues and provide what codes you have tried.
How about using: if ((row+col)%2 == 0) or if ((row+col)%2 == 1)
@Venbha, a new imaga is created using the same colors, but in a different order (one you cannot get to simply by turning or flipping).
@Venbha, that is pretty much it (other than the color switching).
@pingfeng, start a discussion thread. Show what you are working with and explain exactly what you are trying to do.
@nolttr21, Yes, a "black" hole is created; and it will try to pull the entire universe into itself. It is a massive singularity I mentioned in the description.
@Nahquin, I first created a List object filled with all Particle objects in the world (named 'particles'). All particles in the list must interact with every other particle in the list. So, all different pairs of particles ('a' and 'b') are taken from the list (using the 'get' method) and passed to the 'interact' method where their gravitational interaction is applied.
@Nahquin, the scenario was written in 2013 -- before the isAtEdge method was a member of the Actor class.
Nice 'Initialising...' screen.