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Something is fishy here.


@hartono18haa, you cannot download this. The source was not made available.
@C1234567890, source available now.
@tealeaf, click on boxes while avoiding mines. Numbers indicate how many neighboring mines are immediately surrounding that square (up to 8).
Codes, found not showing, now show.
It's really a process of elimination. I am not sure what to try next. Maybe remove static content from the initial world class.
Yes. Move those images from the subfolders into the 'images' folder.
I would suggest moving everything from the inner (main) folder out into the outer folder (New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot). Also, remove the PowerPoint files from within the 'images' folder'.
I think the cut-off word may be "Environment". However, I am not sure where that might suggest to look in your code.