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@tealeaf, click on boxes while avoiding mines. Numbers indicate how many neighboring mines are immediately surrounding that square (up to 8).
Codes, found not showing, now show.
It's really a process of elimination. I am not sure what to try next. Maybe remove static content from the initial world class.
Yes. Move those images from the subfolders into the 'images' folder.
I would suggest moving everything from the inner (main) folder out into the outer folder (New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot). Also, remove the PowerPoint files from within the 'images' folder'.
I think the cut-off word may be "Environment". However, I am not sure where that might suggest to look in your code.
To hopefully run here, remove Greenfoot.start();.
This is not your scenario to be uploaded here by you. Please remove immediately.
Alternative possibility toggling changed to "qwerty" keys below number key (since function keys do not work well on this site.