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The terminal will always show the same Color(0, 0, 0) as the image of the actor does not change. You can bump up the speed of the scenario to help eliminate wait time as the background fills in.
@JeremyP02, apparently there is a problem with playing sound files (wav) at this time. Removed sound to prevent freezing browser. Thx.
@TakedaYeet, the code IS available for viewing. Read the scenario description
Pavolbiacko2002, I used the greenfoot.UserInfo class. You can import a ScoreBoard class, supplied by greenfoot, which use it; however, I wrote my own "version" of it.
Valstrax, Hits and Misses show for me in the upper left corner, no problem.
You will need to re-upload with the <Publish source code> check box checked.
@cwars024, the constructor of the class has counter set to the number of parts to the snake and each body part will be removed after it becomes the tail end (which is when the counter reaches zero for that body part).
Oh yes... $1 please. Paypal in my member info.
Modified "voice".