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@Yehuda ... yeah. Ever since greenfoot transitioned to converting to javascript, UserInfo images have been "unobtainable?" and collection thumbnails fail to set. UserInfo images probably are still fine in legacy version, however.
Fixed stats screen issues.
I do not know how much help it will be, but the controls are now listed in the main world.
Sometimes, the initial set up is impossible to solve.
You will have a major issue with grid worlds. The Camera class constructors would take a (20, 20, 60) world and make a Camera of (600, 400, 60) -- much larger than the world it is looking at.
@Super_Hippo, I accomplished the optional handedness by mapping all move notations to their counterparts.
I will probably add a timer and high scores page eventually.
@Kostya20052011, press 'm' to mix (disassemble) cube (see HELP).
@Super_Hippo, the sides are inexorably linked to the axes of cube rotations and, in changing that, the direction of rotation for at least one will change, making a big mess out of things.