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Oh yeah that a brilliant idea. Consider it done my lord
You need to use a ur mouse like when you are playing GTA for an example. by manual control it makes the game a little bit harder and interesting. bt wait for version 3.
What seems to be a problem my lord?
a single line coment wont kill guys come on leave a feedback.
cn you please Make source available on this game for me please
how do i play?
how do i download or play this game?
Hi to all of you 161 viewers of this version i invite you all to feel free on downloading, playing and leave your coments and rate it out of 5. it is now downloadable. stage 3 that ft Sony experia will be available on next version coming soon.
ok guys Here we go i have tested it on another pc it is working very fine. go ahead enjoy. sory for the first one i made tiny mistake but that is what it ,mean being a programer that what STEVE JOBS once told me, make a mistake or you will never learn. plz comment even if you dont like it i want to learn from a mistake that you will see for me.