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@danpost: Thanks for reporting this. I've tried to find the problem but couldn't so far. It's quite difficult to debug since UserInfo still has the character set issue when run locally ( I might need to wait until a new version of Greenfoot is released until I can properly debug this issue. Still a question: Were you able to improve your score in other levels? Also with moves above 1000?
@danpost: Would be great if you could share the conversion code. I started a discussion at
Oh - just had an idea as I wrote the comment above: I could save up to 16 bits in a single character. This means a maximum value of 65'535! So it would be possible to save 50 levels with a max. of 65'535 moves in each String. Maybe I'll do that in a later version.
@danpost: UserInfo is designed to have only one highscore but I obviously needed one highscore for each level. To work around this limitation I use all available ints and Strings to store the users moves for each level (like you assumed). I do not use a seperator. In an int I store 3 levels with 3 digits. In a String I store 15 levels with 3 digits. With the available 10 ints and 5 Strings I can save up to 105 levels. The limit is 999 moves because of the max of 3 digits. If you have an elegant idea how to work around the 999 moves limitation - I'd be glad to know.
Congratulations danpost for completing ALL 105 LEVELS!!
Hi Zamoht, Yes, Level 6 is possible. One hint: The leaf on the right side must be the last one you put a mushroom on. At the very end you might need to push that last mushroom down first, and then up again...