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fejfo's Scenarios

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play Rubic's Cube Algorithm Visualiser
plays 1245 / votes 0

Rubic's Cube Algorithm Visualiser

by fejfo, 2016/8/9

make Rubic's Cube algorithms more clear and easier to learn!

play multiplayerTest
plays 1116 / votes 0


by fejfo, 2015/12/12

on site you probebly can't host a boring multiplayer test

play Pixel fight
plays 1269 / votes 0

Pixel fight

by fejfo, 2015/11/17

pixels fighting inspired by

play Glider dude
plays 1076 / votes 0

Glider dude

by fejfo, 2015/10/11

Glide true the air like a majestic eagle

play PongRemake
plays 809 / votes 0


by fejfo, 2015/9/9

just a remake

play ranger's boom
plays 697 / votes 0

ranger's boom

by fejfo, 2015/8/27

a test game for multiplayer

play ServerTest
plays 609 / votes 0


by fejfo, 2015/8/25

online test

play Simple Maze
plays 1413 / votes 0

Simple Maze

by fejfo, 2015/6/16

made to played by a n.e.a.t. bot

play Evolution/dna simulation
plays 1310 / votes 1

Evolution/dna simulation

by fejfo, 2015/3/12

simulates animals

play fly simulator
plays 1459 / votes 1

fly simulator

by fejfo, 2015/3/3

an old idiot game of mine