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OK! Thank you.
Hello, I love the idea for this type of animation; however, when I download the scene and run it in Greenfoot, the arms and legs rotate in a circle. How would I fix this? Thanks,
Thank you for your help; however, I have noticed that the code only seems to work if the key.class and the location.class are populated from the World.class at the start of the game. Is there any way to adjust the code so the door will unlock if the key is added from anywhere in the game? For example, there is a door on Location_03, but the player has to go to Location_04 or 05 to get the key and then go back to Location_03 to unlock the door. How would I approach creating code for that scenario? Any ideas? Thank you,
Hello danpost, It worked! So the statement is basically saying that if Key.class is no longer in the scene, the code will execute and load the next location? . Thank you for your help. Thanks,
Hello erimaxbau, I am trying to create my own point and click game, and I would love to see the code for this. Is it possible to put your Point and Click scenario for download on this page? Meazalplaq
OK. Thanks for letting me know
How do I open in Greenfoot?