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Haha;), that's because i'm making the sounds with my mouth. All sounds in the szenario are making with my mouth and the record program in Greenfoot.
Thanks, I will make a little rpg but I don't know how I can make a figure behind an object. Can you say me how you do this? Because I like your games :) (Not the implementation only some tipps)
Thanks. Yes, I will make it, if I've got time for this ;)
The Program is't work, if I make this
Yes, that's a good idea. I make it! :)
Where or how did you learned to program a so fantastic game? It's very nice the game. I can program a smidgen, but I'm german and I don't know where I can learn them. Ps: I'm 13 years old. But your game is very scary, it's so thrilling.