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i dont know how to view and fix the source code on this one. Built years ago, would love to play again. GL...
I'm working on a 3D version in the Unreal Engine 4 at the minute lol :P perhaps there is a way i can incorporate this as a minigame within the main game :3
My score :76625 :D Man i miss working on this game, it was a lot of fun!
The fountain room is not finished not at all. tbh man. Ive really lost steam on this project :/ dont have the motivation to finish it :/
@Spower Thank you for the warning, ill be sure to think of you and how i could've been saved when the rapture comes.
@AIMrOrange i have to write up about this game for an assignement due tonight so after that's done, ill quickly throw together some images, replace the images in the current game and publish it as a separate game ;)
@Spower, this site is for the creation of games, the sharing of code, the collaboration of like minded people. as @dbz3396 has said, its just a name. ill make you an alternate version with rainbows that poop puppys if it will put your ignorant mind to rest. please. just stop commenting if you dont like it, go play another one of the many great scenarios on the site
@Super_Hippo ive killed it as few times :') but your comments are welcomed and noted and ill see what i can do with the next patch :) @Spower .. 666 is the sign of the devil, or so some religious nuts believe. Hell is a place that bad people go, or again. as some religious nuts believe. i know exactly what 666 stands for which is why, as elderelf says, i used it in conjunction with the word hell. The game was originally going to have 66 levels and be called 66 days in hell but i figured, why not go for the full cliché and have the 666.
Survive* little spelling mistake on the opening screen :)