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This is an awesome idea, one of the most mindblowing puzzle games i have ever seen
I've worked around the pause thing, ATM I'm working on all the userinfo stuff. I may postpone this update seeing as theres quite a lot i want to do with it. Highscores and settings are already coded and working though (not that the settings do anything yet).
Addictive. 'nuff said.
pretty big update tomorrow, music, highscores, settings, and some other stuff
I also added a (very crappy) pause system. Pressing space will pause the game, but try to make sure you only press it through one act cycle, if that makes sense. Otherwise it will just pause,unpause, pause etc until you lift space. And if the menu is unresponsive, reset the scenario, should work fine.
@thebrownkid23 The problem with something like that is that at the moment, the wave updates are quite frequent. Wave 2 begins after 8 kills, 3 after 16, 4 after 32 and so on. I'll need to set some more defined wave differences before I can pause the game at each wave. It is something I'd planned to do, though. Some time in the near future I will add some kind of "pulse wave" type thing - like a shock wave that is emitted from the turret and kills a load of zombies - this could regenerate after time or by number of kills. By the way, if you want to see the original Scratch project: I aim to get the game to a similar stage as this, though with different music and an alternative to the rocket. And thanks for the like!