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I'll be adding a much more simply made version soon
ha it's not that hard
Ya just the one wave for now. I still trying to figure out layouts for selected towers. So you can have more options for towers. Right now i have towers able to shoot at closest target or weakest target but haven't implemented a way of changing it.
ah there's the problem. Thanks bourne.
Well that was little tricky. First i had it so that the blue block would go up and down using the gravity, but i couldn't get it to scroll right when you go up and down. So instead of having gravity applying to the blue square i made it so that gravity does not affect the blue square but inverses gravity and applies it to everything else in the world.
has anyone ever gotten all achievements?? most i've got is 16..
HA particals are awesome!!! lol and i got the idea for this game from a very random game i found online at school years was on one of those game sites that no one has ever heard about lol but it was a very addicting game
HA!! i got 50 so take that lol
Awesome!! like the replay feature...shot and it orbited 2 planets 3 times to kill a player...thank god for the replay feature lol