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Why is there so many duplicates of this game?
This is only the demo version of the game. You can expect the full version to be more "user friendly"
[update notice] Currently being updated: Adding a storyline Creating a "Koopa Killer" button as requested by slipkorn_6666 Adding Episode 2 and/or Arcade Play Making some cutscenes Hopefully increasing performance and reducing lag Expected to be finished within 7 days.
@slipkorn_6666 Thanks for the feedback :) always appreciated. The turtle was placed there originally for developing purposes but I later decided to leave it there to encourage people to choose which pipe to enter quickly. I may consider adding a "turtle toggle" for those of you who need it. Also I'm not sure your aware, but to enter the pipe, you must press the DOWN arrow key while the pipe is RED.
I noticed the up/down scrolling is backwards? Or is that just me?
Please note that Arcade Mode is NOT playable at the moment. I also need to add levels, edit the enemy Superclass, and new opponents.