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JasonZhu's Scenarios

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play Maze
plays 24965 / votes 13


by JasonZhu, 2014/1/17

A maze game that tests your memory.

play Cop vs Monsters Platform Shooter Beta
plays 2849 / votes 2

Cop vs Monsters Platform Shooter Beta

by JasonZhu, 2013/12/3

Work in progress.

play Magnetic Fields
plays 2604 / votes 2

Magnetic Fields

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A demo of magnetic fields created from 2D vectors and pythagorean theorem

play Petri Dish
plays 2847 / votes 2

Petri Dish

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A demo/simulation of the repelling of grease from detergent and the repelling from the inside of a circular object.

play Collect The Water Drops
plays 2684 / votes 3

Collect The Water Drops

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A demo of deflection mathematics.

play Ladybug Life Scenario
plays 2556 / votes 2

Ladybug Life Scenario

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A simulation of the breeding and population control of ladybugs.

play Maze Walker
plays 2276 / votes 1

Maze Walker

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A demo of a simple artificial intelligence that navigates through the maze.

play Fireworks Display
plays 3205 / votes 3

Fireworks Display

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

Fireworks display created from the use of 2D vectors.

play Particle Interaction
plays 2160 / votes 1

Particle Interaction

by JasonZhu, 2014/1/20

A simple demo of Lists.