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It keeps pausing when I try to play. I have to keep pressing 'run.' Usually that's because a null pointer exception.
ShamaSenpai, you just have to click the 'Share' button on Greenfoot, then choose 'Publish.' Put in your greenfoot account and password and comments, and check the box if you want to share the source code.
Sorry! The code was supposed to be public, but I forgot to check the box. I'll fix it as soon add I get home.
Got it. That goes with Upupzealot's suggestion. I'll put that in the next update.
Thanks Upupzealot! Those are very good suggestions.
Really nice practical application of Greenfoot! Can I use this for my technology class?
Also, I'm aware of the problem that sometimes you bounce the wrong direction horizontally. It's noted in the comments. I'll fix that pretty soon.
I'm using the standard "if(Greenfoot.isKeyDown())" way to get the keyboard input. Do you have a recommendation about a way that might work better? As I said, I'm not noticing this problem when I'm playing it, but I'm not saying it's not happening.
Hi danpost, on my computer it does jump when you press they key down. Do you have a mac? They can do weird things with the key commands. That's why I put in the mouse command instead. Are other people having this problem?