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@ChrisSchütt I decided not to publish the source code. It's mostly in German (though from your name I guess you're German) and not really the tidiest one as well.
No, it's not a bug. It's just a feature I planned to implement but I just did not do so yet.
There already is. Just try and press return while playing.
@badboy I will look into difficulties. As for the level editor, we will see :D
@sp33dy I don't think I'm ready yet, I have a few more features in mind and I think then it's time to polish the code another time. However, thanks for your comment.
The cars are way too slow. I suggest you take a look at the SmoothMover class - you should be able to create something like accelerating with that.
There are different variations of the game. What you remember is probably the misère play. Check
Yeah I know how it works. Just wanted to make it sure.
Thank you. I think I will go over to another scenario (don't have too much ideas for this game anymore)^^