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I'll soon add grey squares, that can't be destroyed, increasing the difficulty. Also, I may make the double jumps power-ups you pick-up, and unlock the ability to destroy squares with points.. got a few more ideas to make it more challenging.
Thanks, yeah, it is easy.. I think it'll get more challenging or "gratifying" once you have to use XP/points to buy double jumps and ability to destroy blocks. I'll fix that counter issue, thanks!
Very nice! Will have to check the code!
I'm aware of a bug in the demo that ship may still skip turns, caused by the increase/dec in speed.. not a critical bug since that feature won't be in the final version (or will be handled better).
oh and the map is low quality right now.. just copy/pasted tiles.. final product will be better!
Not sure how I'll handle curves/circles yet..
Very detailed and thorough support class.. good job!
Nope, still there, when I hit level 2 this time, ball sped up crazy fast towards bottom right..
Managed to hit the ball in time, once I clear the level, the ball doesn't follow direction, it resets towards bottom right again, and I can't get there in time..