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Greenfoot back

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Okay, just checking, 'cos it seems weird.
Is the ability to jump when your falling deliberate or just a bug?
This is cool. Though I agree with FlicknFlack about the controls. They are rather fiddly.
SPower, I admit, he probably cannot code, but I don't think that smiley face was nice.
Okay SPower, I think your being a bit mean there.
Level fourteen now introduces the dash ability Level fifteen is the wave of poison Level sixteen is the same as level fifteen Level seventeen is the same as the old level fourteen Level eighteen is the same as level seventeen but you are reverted to the basic caterpillar
Just look at the Greenfoot tutorials if your stuck.
Because Shaparacha, you stole someone's scenario after the administrators SPECIFICALLY told you to stop.
This is actually really fun. More levels will be enough for me to like it.