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Level 8 Round two is Creator Record. it was intense. woohoo. :^D
it is a good game. the turning is the hard part. like the animations
For the next update I am going to add more character and there might be a possibility of power ups in the game. Any other suggestions would help.
Well the this was a capstone project that i started on in Feb. I went back to my childhood elementary school and talked to one of my old teachers and i was given the topic of Improper Fractions. Adding addition and subtraction to the game would mean a whole new game and a lot more work for the next update, thanks for the idea, this summer i start on one of those games once i am done with this one.
Make the World smaller so i can see what is coming at me not just guessing. it is too big to fit on my screen. Very nice Ship though
If the High Score doesn't work. I updated Java on google chrome. and now it shows high score.
Thank you for the feed back, I really appreciate it a lot. In the Upcoming weeks if you have an suggestions for the game, I will try to put it into an update, but keep in mind that this an educational based game. This is also my first game I put on to the Greenfoot site.
ya i tried but it works if you download, and in the original form. sorry, some reason it does keep high score online
A lot of work was put into this and I think it turned out to be great game.