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>> Please help << When you play the game you'll notice, that some enemys just die with no reason, i don't know why please help to solve the bug! (No highscores possible with this bug D:)
Thank you, I'll be sure to check your game :)
I give up too xD one question: how did you remove the bar where you can set the speed?
Beat this! New Highscore! :D
Thanks i'll try. But before i add highscores i have to make enemys not die after one hit and i'll also add a healthbar for the player and *then* highscores ;)
I'm working on it but i still have no idea how to save highscores... :/
Thanks a lot, now beat my score guys! xD
Maybe one tip: i killed myself at the end, because it got a little boring, maybe you could add more speed, when getting the second fish and then more and more :)
One of my favourite games, nice! :)