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Oh, and before I forget, I'd like to tell my split personality not to demand people to comment on the scenario. Try to be patient, man.
I believe the issues with the loading time stems from the fact that the game loads its objects after the start button is clicked. I will try to re-upload the scenario when I have some spare time to call my own.
Yeah we have made them static. Its just when the game gets to the second part its adding so much, it least 100 objects, which is why I assume there is a "load time". It's only a few seconds ( around 20ish ) and it doesnt slow the game so I feel it isn't a big deal. I myself have beaten the updated version so you shouldn't be having trouble with the first two levels :D A magician never reveals his secrets though
163 views, even if i subtract our teams views... thats still 100 at the very least.. and no one wants to comment.
Next to Update Is a win Function, even if you kill the Queen you still lose haha
Phew, that was a lot of updates. Hopefully it'll function without breaking down every couple of stages.