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ItzLukeStorm wrote ...


Converting Greenfoot scenario to Intellij

ItzLukeStorm ItzLukeStorm


I was wondering if it was possible to convert the code in a Greenfoot scenario into something that Intellij java could understand and run. I understand many of the words don't match up exactly, but maybe there is a way to go a longer way instead of using the Greenfoot code.
Spock47 Spock47


Basically, you just need to create a new project with the same source code in IntelliJ add the Greenfoot libraries to run. The process should be pretty much similar to the one described for NetBeans here: Obviously, the menus in IntelliJ will look a little bit different than the ones in NetBeans, but apart from that, it should be the same principle. Live long and prosper, Spock47
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