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Greenfoot back
MyHeartRocksNRolls wrote ...


3000x2000 pixel World?

i drew a 3000x2000 pixel word, but i cant use it as a world class. Is there any posibility to use it without making it smaller? i tried to cut it into pieces, but it didn't help.
davmac davmac


What do you mean exactly? 3000x2000 is going to be larger than most screens; did you really want the world to be that big? Is it that you really want a scrolling world, or something similar?
MyHeartRocksNRolls MyHeartRocksNRolls


I mean that my image for the world is 3000x2000 big, because i want to have a big map for a shooter. It should be kind of big mall. the perspektive should be from above and no i don't want a scrolling world, better would be if the camera moves with the actor.
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