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Scenarios tagged: wombats

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play Wombat Simulator
plays 5881 / votes 2

Wombat Simulator

by crackalamoo, 2013/11/30

The wombats now do more! new background too.

play Leaves and Wombats v1.1
plays 1577 / votes 0

Leaves and Wombats v1.1

by Ilias.Mokhtar, 2013/10/13

play Leaves and Wombats v1.1 modified
plays 2964 / votes 1

Leaves and Wombats v1.1 modified

by Ilias.Mokhtar, 2013/9/29

play WomSploerer2.0
plays 1270 / votes 0


by GatorAlex, 2013/6/25

Wombats in space? Whats better??

play wombats
plays 1799 / votes 0


by baseball_boy, 2012/3/2

play SpeedFeed
plays 3296 / votes 3


by Gi-team, 2011/8/26

Feed the Wombats!

play Wombats in Space
plays 6973 / votes 2

Wombats in Space

by spaceblue, 2009/6/27

Help the hungry wombat get his leaves!

play Wombats go to McDonald's
plays 3535 / votes 0

Wombats go to McDonald's

by holbikwolff10, 2009/6/22

Wombats walk through McDonald's and eat.