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Scenarios tagged: usa

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play Donald Trump Campaign
plays 679 / votes 0

Donald Trump Campaign

by MyPasswordIsPassword, 2017/11/27

Collect the money for Trump's Campaign.

play Putin vs. USA
plays 1120 / votes 0

Putin vs. USA

by cevans2014, 2014/3/13

2-player game where Putin and USA duke it out for the sovereignty of Ukraine!

play Bieberbinladen survival
plays 3452 / votes 2

Bieberbinladen survival

by InuoeK, 2011/12/11

Defend yourself from an endless onslaught of Biebers and Binladens

play Get Fat
plays 2041 / votes 0

Get Fat

by Riokar, 2011/6/19

Collect Burgers and avoid the Rest!