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Scenarios tagged: typing

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play ColorType
plays 2829 / votes 1


by bourne, 2013/5/5

A typing game. Coordinate with the filling area of blocks. With highscores

play Typing speed
plays 3521 / votes 1

Typing speed

by MatheMagician, 2013/6/4

A quick test of your typing speed.

play Becak Race (Typing)
plays 2823 / votes 1

Becak Race (Typing)

by Firdaus, 2013/6/5

play Typing
plays 3031 / votes 1


by Kiara, 2013/4/1

play piano typing
plays 2580 / votes 0

piano typing

by indrawaspada, 2012/11/25

piano typing

play Meteor Shower
plays 4019 / votes 4

Meteor Shower

by Mattan.H, 2011/5/16

Fast Typing Game