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Scenarios tagged: triangle

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play Sierpinski Triangle
plays 3995 / votes 9

Sierpinski Triangle

by danpost, 2013/8/24

User altering of the Sierpinski Triangle. A math-constructed fractal image producer.

play Sierpinski Triangle/Chaos Game
plays 5050 / votes 2

Sierpinski Triangle/Chaos Game

by dan11, 2014/6/26

A simple sierpinski triangle creator that allows you to drag nodes

play Triangle shooter
plays 2928 / votes 3

Triangle shooter

by erdelf, 2013/7/7

shoot the triangles

play Polygon
plays 2641 / votes 0


by Advenging, 2011/7/10

play Triangle Trig Solver
plays 3229 / votes 0

Triangle Trig Solver

by Jesusgeek94, 2010/3/29

solve your triangles with the laws of sine and cosine!