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Scenarios tagged: superworld

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play PorkPug test
plays 476 / votes 0

PorkPug test

by Graankoker, 2017/12/4

play Scrolling SuperWorld
plays 18575 / votes 33

Scrolling SuperWorld

by danpost, 2012/11/20

A super-class for a scrolling world; fully documented and very easy to use.

play Warrior Element
plays 846 / votes 0

Warrior Element

by leo.hervert, 2015/11/27

play Hexagonal SuperWorld
plays 2827 / votes 3

Hexagonal SuperWorld

by danpost, 2014/1/8

A superclass for a hexagonal world (a world made up of adjoining hexagons). Orientation specified. Subclassed to show Fibonacci series generation.

play Scrolling Test/World
plays 1887 / votes 2

Scrolling Test/World

by comandodude101, 2013/1/1

Example scrolling world