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Scenarios tagged: sudoku

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play Multi-Variant Sudoku App
plays 726 / votes 0

Multi-Variant Sudoku App

by danpost, 2020/6/3

Create, enter and solve, plus checker

play Pot Luck SuDoku
plays 6486 / votes 8

Pot Luck SuDoku

by danpost, 2011/5/25

Random puzzles to solve. Log on for fast reloads.

play Sudoku
plays 1262 / votes 0


by DmitriyRatnikov, 2017/6/13

Game Sudoku

play Sudoku
plays 2587 / votes 0


by kidi99, 2013/11/8

A Sudoku, which generates, can solve itselve and check the player´s solution

play Sudoku
plays 1780 / votes 0


by samg, 2013/1/15

A randomly generating sudoku game

play Sudoku
plays 3352 / votes 1


by DonaldDuck, 2012/1/30

A simple sudoku generator/solver

play Space Sudoku
plays 4703 / votes 1

Space Sudoku

by spaceblue, 2009/12/30

Sudoku with a space theme.

play Sudoku
plays 2784 / votes 0


by PiRocks, 2009/12/30

play Recycling Sudoku
plays 3675 / votes 0

Recycling Sudoku

by ryanmr, 2009/12/4

A game of sudoku with recycling numbers