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Scenarios tagged: smiley

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play Pizza Game
plays 700 / votes 0

Pizza Game

by PHSProgramming, 2017/1/19

Chase the pizzas!

play Space Smileys
plays 2152 / votes 4

Space Smileys

by danpost, 2014/4/30

These guys have been in space way too long. They are gitty and reckless. Avoid at all costs.

play Face Invaders
plays 2230 / votes 11

Face Invaders

by BeadeHitta, 2013/3/18

Have fun..!! :)

play Frog Survival
plays 2547 / votes 3

Frog Survival

by Zamoht, 2012/8/25

Smiley invasion. (Beat the highscore!)

play First attempt
plays 2886 / votes 0

First attempt

by langy, 2008/7/22

Eat the crabs.Avoid the gun.