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Scenarios tagged: maze

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play Simply Difficult
plays 1597 / votes 0

Simply Difficult

by willM, 2014/11/20

First ACTUAL game

play Maze Solitaire
plays 2301 / votes 0

Maze Solitaire

by danpost, 2015/1/1

A drap-n-drop card maze.

play Get The Pizza
plays 988 / votes 0

Get The Pizza

by FHAICAL, 2014/12/6

play I Want to Eat!
plays 1036 / votes 0

I Want to Eat!

by rikaanurlaili, 2014/12/6

Eat and don't let bugs bug you!

play MonkeyMazing
plays 3191 / votes 5


by edtrist, 2014/12/4

A fun maze game - collect the fruit!

play Dynamic Maze
plays 1711 / votes 1

Dynamic Maze

by yonathanfhendrawan, 2014/11/28

Find the exit by traversing the ever changing maze.

play Mr Cubeman's Maze
plays 4569 / votes 15

Mr Cubeman's Maze

by steved, 2013/6/4

AVOID THE WALLS! (no really, avoid them)

play Labyro
plays 1294 / votes 0


by sametguzelgun, 2014/8/10

Maze Game -under construction-

play Final
plays 1468 / votes 0


by adambingham, 2014/6/4

JOSE the robot