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Scenarios tagged: geometry

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play Equal Circle Divisions
plays 517 / votes 2

Equal Circle Divisions

by danpost, 2022/8/31

A circle is divided into from 1 to 60 equal areas.

play 3D Cube Rendering
plays 975 / votes 0

3D Cube Rendering

by TheGoldenProof, 2020/1/10

A spinning, zooming, 3D cube

play Symmetrical Ball Simulation
plays 771 / votes 0

Symmetrical Ball Simulation

by samnan22, 2019/11/12

Symmetrical Ball Simulation

play Octagon Fun
plays 2282 / votes 1

Octagon Fun

by danpost, 2017/11/5

Basic geometry Q-n-A.

play 3D Supershapes
plays 1672 / votes 1

3D Supershapes

by Zamoht, 2016/12/23

Dynamic supershape with sliders

play Polygon Names
plays 2048 / votes 0

Polygon Names

by NikZ, 2014/8/12

Can give the name of any polygon!