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Scenarios tagged: fps

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play FPS Checker
plays 26658 / votes 4

FPS Checker

by danpost, 2014/1/13

See how many frames per second you are going.

play Fps Actor Class
plays 3081 / votes 2

Fps Actor Class

by danpost, 2014/1/14

A class to add to your projects to see how fast they run.

play Computer FPS Tester
plays 1926 / votes 0

Computer FPS Tester

by Nichodon, 2016/7/11

Tests how fast your comuter is.

play Z-Year - Apocalypse!
plays 2251 / votes 0

Z-Year - Apocalypse!

by FL!TCH-Studios, 2013/9/2

Zombie Apocalypse Game! My first Game ;3

play Castle maze 1
plays 109 / votes 0

Castle maze 1

by shahparacha, 2013/12/10

play Castle Storm II
plays 18853 / votes 43

Castle Storm II

by Builderboy2005, 2010/1/16

Beta Level

play FPS
plays 10592 / votes 3


by mjrb4, 2008/9/10

An approximation of the FPS (frames per second) of a scenario.