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Scenarios tagged: cubes

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play Flying 3D Cubes
plays 1704 / votes 0

Flying 3D Cubes

by farzyno, 2017/4/25

My first test of Greenfoot's 3D capabilities

play Return of the Cubes
plays 2261 / votes 1

Return of the Cubes

by Nichodon, 2016/8/9

It's the return...... of the cubes...... what more can I say?

play Cubes
plays 20061 / votes 8


by NikZ, 2014/8/9

Avoid the falling cubes at all costs!

play Defenders of CubeWorld: Space Invasion
plays 6052 / votes 0

Defenders of CubeWorld: Space Invasion

by NikZ, 2014/8/18

Defeat Lord Cubicus!

play illusion
plays 3199 / votes 4


by Hiimachicken, 2013/12/15

Somesort of an illusion

play Math Cube Maze
plays 2994 / votes 4

Math Cube Maze

by erdelf, 2013/10/2

Solve the maze

play 3D Illusions
plays 2453 / votes 0

3D Illusions

by Reshurum, 2012/9/22

2D objects that appear 3D