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Scenarios tagged: act

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play WizardAdventure
plays 231 / votes 0


by Biscuits1, 2019/5/14

Get the Wizard out of the Forest

play Eat or Be Eaten!
plays 302 / votes 1

Eat or Be Eaten!

by Spiderman01, 2019/4/4

Avoid the sharks and eat eight minnows to win

play knight World
plays 158 / votes 0

knight World

by Biscuits1, 2019/4/4

play Eat the Flan!
plays 233 / votes 0

Eat the Flan!

by Borf, 2018/9/27

The men must eat the flan in order to survive the Arctic!

play bounce 2
plays 780 / votes 0

bounce 2

by BruceWayne, 2016/4/18

The game has floating bubbles that change colors around the screen

play bubbles
plays 722 / votes 0


by newjersey, 2016/4/18

bouncing bubbles

play Bubbles Scenario
plays 1563 / votes 1

Bubbles Scenario

by johndoe108, 2016/4/18

This game has already been created but I have added the code to create it myself.

play Increment Counter
plays 2045 / votes 0

Increment Counter

by Gazzzah, 2012/6/8

A simple little performance tester... I guess