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This is my project for my IT class,
The High Scores doesn't work because
for some reason when you export it you
don't have access to the Database.

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Nice start :-) Couple of immediate suggestions that spring to mind, it'd be nice if you could go diagonally as well rather than just back forward left and right, and the menu selection can be a bit jumpy at the moment, it might be better if you altered it so that it only advances one option per key press? Regarding the high scores, how have you implemented them? If you've used the high score classes available on here then you shouldn't have a problem and I'll look into it if you're having issues - but if you've used your own database and tried to use it on the gallery it won't work because of security restrictions (java applets won't allow any connections unless they're to the same server.)


thanks, yeah I will add code to make it go diagonally as well, that shouldn't be too hard, regarding the menu I will try I add a counter or something to it oh and lastly regarding the high scores we have to use a Access Database using SQL codes (part of the marking rubric so yeah) but thanks, I will fix it up and update it :D


Good game but I want source to learning of this

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