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Will_Crimson presents ...


Stellar Journey Version 1.0

Fly the Crimson Craft through space, as you take down an entire blue fleet.
If you crash into a blue fighter you'll lose 20 health.
Getting hit by a missile will cost you 25 health.
Defeating a blue fighter will earn you 25 points.
Pick up health packs to regain 20 health.
Watch out for the big blue bosses!!!

Controls: Fly: Arrow Keys
Shoot: Spacebar

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Tags: space game will_crimson stellar journey crimson craft blue fighter boss

This scenario is a member of: Version 1.0

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Not bad at all! It seems like it's possible to never lose by just staying in one place and holding down space though - perhaps you could alter it slightly to make it a bit harder? An upper limit on the amount of health you can have might also be an idea :-)


Thanks bro. Um depends whether health packs show up there, im thinking about editing the boss to make it more difficult. Maybe in the next version, thanks for the feedback man.
loved it great job will ^_^


thank you XxXDeadlySinsXxX =]

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