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Food Fall

A burger shop was taken over by a physcopath. His main goal is to destroy the original owner, the blue man. He will do whatever it takes to stop the blue man from reaching him. The blue man will inevitably give up, but every step you take provides much needed money for the burger shop to continue to run, and hopefully stop the physcopath.

Use arrow keys to navigate the blue man threw the great praries in Kansas, as you avoid the bombs, buses, and barrels thrown by the physcopath. Every time you hit one, you loose a life and 100 points for a bomb, 150 points for a barrel, and 200 points for a bus.

Collect the gifts sent my your old employees who are trying to help you. If you touch a muffin, you get 50 points and a pizza gets you 100 points. But, if you touch a burger you get one more life. You only have 3 lives, so every life you get is very important.

Thankfully you have a secret gun, and using the space bar you can launch bullets, aiming using your mouse. But be careful to ues it wisely. If you shoot a muffin, burger, or pizza they dissapear and you loose 50 points. But, if you shoot a rock, you gain 10 points, a barrel gains you 15 points and shooting a bus gives you 25 points.

Enjoy! And hopefully you can save the burger shop! Long live french fries.

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