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alien hunter

defeat alien ! use spacebar 4 defeat alien1 . !

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Tags: smapluspgri

open in greenfoot

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Nice start, the graphics are great! Some suggestions though: - It'd be good if it was a bit shorter, at the moment it's a tad to big to fit the whole applet on a laptop screen which is just a tad annoying - Some instructions would be nice, it seems I lose points when I hit the aliens which isn't conventional! - Delay when firing would also be good, at the moment bullets come out constantly and so rather than the shooting effect you get a streaming effect. As well as not looking that realistic (to use the term loosely) it also makes the game a lot slower when shooting. - The sound effects are nice, but more of them would be better! - score would look a bit better with a capital methinks Good start though - look forward to seeing it develop!


Hmm, am I not allowed to shoot the aliens? The bullets seem to have no effect on anything but the bullets the aliens shoot.

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