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1Lucky93 presents ...


Donkey Kong Remake

This is a remake of the classic game donkey Kong that we as a group made for a class project. No scores/lives/points yet but you can still dodge the barrels and get to the top!

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Tags: game cs2 donkey kong nitnendo cs1

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Nice. I had this on my nintendo when I was a kid. Very authentic. Seems a little fast.


@AwesomeNameGuy Thank you and I agree that it runs a little fast. We have tried to slow down the character that you play as but that is as slow as we could make him that we know of. Still work in progress so maybe we can find a way to slow him down without slowing the whole game down.
Try changing the position of Mario by an amount less than one, and then casting it back to an int when you setlocation(). For example, I don't know how you coded it, but you can trysomething like this: double mariolocationx; // the x location of mario double speed = 0.7; // the speed of mario if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("right")) { // change location of mario by less than one mariolocationx += speed; } ... // other code // now set the location... setLocation((int) mariolocationx, etc...); if that makes any sense. just make sure the location is a double. Don't do setLocation(getX() + (int) speed,..); if speed is a double, because I think it will get rounded to the same nearest int every time, and that won't work.
What awesomeNameGuy said will work, but it will require you to keep track of floating point coordinates separately, which can be kind of a pain, especially when you're going to deal with collisions. You could also put a timer in your world class (a public int) that increments every time the act function for the world is called, then you can implement delays in movement for any actor you want easily. So for the act function of Jumpman, you could have: public void act(){ if( ((NameOfYourWorld)getWorld()).timer % delay != 0 ){return;} // your act code } Then you can increase the "delay" value to slow the movement speed down and still use the int coordinates built into the actor class.


i got to the top and it like wouldnt let me move on from the game...i wanted the other levels


Where did you get those graphics?


Almost exactly like the original!


Can you send me a GFAR? Pls

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