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Busch2207 presents ...



Graphics of the Background and the grass are copyed from Speedy Eggbert. The Graphics of the helicopter, the Dragons and the Sounds are copyed from Clonk Endeavour.
The Graphics of the tank and the hearts are made by myself with Gimp 2.

You can move With the arrows keys.
You can Shoot with Space or Enter. With the up and down arrow keys, you change the ammo.

If you've got an Update for your tank, you can change the Updates with 0,1,2 and 3.
If you press up or down, while choosing a Update, you can deaktivate the small cannons on the left and the right.
With y,x,c and s you can move the small cannons or the main tank. If you press d or r, you reset the tank.

#Free Mode#
Here you can create your own Level!

There are 18 Levels!
The hearts on the left are your lifes!
Good Luck!

P.s.: If you've got any ideas of some extras or new enemies, etc.... please tell me!

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This is pretty good. But, you have multiple versions uploaded (because you've changed the name, by putting the version as part of the name) - do you really want that? Any votes on the old version won't carry forward to the new version. It's usually better to leave the name alone.

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