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Megaman school porject

To win the game you need 750 points.
If you don't reach this when the timer reaches 0 you lose.
Falling onto the spikes or taking 5 hits of damage from enemies will also result in a game over.
You get points by collected bolts.
The little Megaman heads will erase all enemies currently on screen.
Their 2 "debuffs" in the game as well. Dr.W squares which only appear before you reach 750 points and will reduce the time by 5 seconds.
Then there are Dr.C squares that only appear after you've hit the win condition. These will increase your timer by 5 seconds.
The blinking dots will heal you for one hit point.

This was a project for my intermediate comp sci class in Highschool. I got a little carried away to say the least. Thank you Mr.Baucqe for letting me use my class time for half a semester to make this the best I could!

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Tags: game platformer megaman 8bit

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2018-12-16 20:23:53 UTC Increased enemy spawn by 1 ;)

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