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Car Chase Game

A lambo is on the run from the cops. The Lambo is driving on the opposite side of the road. Get Gas canisters to gain points. Avoid oncoming traffic to not lose points. Lose too many points or run out of time and the game ends. It's a windy day so you'll see the breeze. You rev forward and you'll hear the lambo accelerate. Hit the truck and you'll dent making it harder to avoid tracfic. You lose and the cop siren will go off.

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The noises are very funny. I like how the car turns every time you hit another car, like its being dinged up and like how a cop car is chasing you.


This game is a rework of the blood vessel one and has completely different images and sounds that make it feel like a whole new game. I like how every time the car is hit by another car it swerves or moves to indicate that it has been dented!


Love the features such as the sound once you lose, sound once you gain gas, and how the car turns once you hit the truck.

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