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Cowbomber presents ...


Hectic Helium Homicide

A rapid fire game full of balloon extravaganza.
Move with the keybored
fire with spacebar
send me messages telling how it is

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The applet doesn't load for me at all - is this a bug?


It doesn't work for me either. Cowbomber, the most likely cause is that it needs files (image/sounds) that aren't inside the project and so aren't included in the export. If you need help getting it to work on the gallery, please send an email to the greenfoot-discuss mailing list (check out greenfoot web page to find it).


Ok, I found out the problem - it's a greenfoot bug that means scenarios with a more-than-one-line description don't work. Fortunately I can fix it after it's been upload.


Nice start - some form of levels and making the score easier to read and perhaps adding lives would be my suggestions personally.

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