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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Dec 12 20:15:30 UTC 2013 PROJECT TITLE: Castles Of Dunshire PURPOSE OF PROJECT: A simulated board Game. VERSION or DATE: 0.14.98 12/11/2013 HOW TO START THIS PROJECT: Compile and run. AUTHORS: Nathan Kleffel Extending ed parrish platformer(world creation). USER INSTRUCTIONS: Castles of Dunshire is a 2 player board game simulation. The object of the game is to gain control of as many land hex’s as possible. To begin the game click the Begin Round button in the center of the screen. Each player will take turns placing their first 5 settlement on the board. To place a settlement on the board click the Settlement Button, when the settlement is in the down position, you can click a Hex on the board to gain possession of it. The first two settlements can be placed anywhere on the board after that you must place a new settlement adjacent to one of your existing settlements. After your 5 starting hex’s have been placed each player can roll the dice on his turn. Resources will be automatically collected based on what hex each player controls. Use these resources to build new settlements or knights. Knights can be purchased by clicking the Knight Button. If you have enough resources to purchase a knight a sword will appear under your mouse. You can then use this Knight to take over a enemy settlement by clicking on it. You can only attack and take over enemy settlements that are adjacent to your own settlements. If you purchase a knight and cannot attack anywhere on the board click the Knight button again to get rid of the knight. No refunds will be given. The Trade menu can be accessed at any time by clicking the Trade button. Resources can be traded 4 to 1. A pop up menu will appear on screen. First select the resource you would like to trade away, and then select the resource you would like to receive. Game Mode. You can select from 3 diffrent game modes. One player fast will be you against a computer player, you and the computer will also gain 1 of each resource as a bonus each round. 2 player fast mode will be a 2player game. Each player will take his turn then pass the controls over, in fast mode each player will get the resource bonus at the beginging of his or her round.In slow or classic mode you will only gain resource relevent to dice rolls. STATUS: Almost Fully functional final project.Missing elements needs end game, sheild. Some button bugs, no button focus. for turns with comp. Ie you can click buttons on comps turn. Gallery Address: SPECIFICATIONS MET: ## Specification File Line# Comment -- ------------- ---- ----- ------- 1. At least 3 new classes +many more 2. Overloaded constructor 16, 22 3. Overloaded method 24, 55 4. Declare array variable 15 5. Call collision method 28,29 6. At least two images Dice1.png, index.png , a few others 7. Play at least 2 sounds 30 ///sorry I couldnt afford the real hourse sound but this should work 50 8. At least two animations 45 49 9. a. while loop 94 do while b. for loop 67 advanced for loop c. if statement 69 10. Read from file filename: instructions.txt extra Credit List of objects proccessed with a loop in line# 24 New orginal game type.A simulation board game with turnbased operation and a computerplayer(Easy comp only at this time) Use of new classes including to handle each players turn operations. class provieds a base board of tiles that are genertated from a map with random values. Tiles are clickable line#34 and interavite to the scenario, including player possesion line#108 to change a tile to player controled. CheckValidPlacment line#62 which returns a boolean if you are clicking an adjcent tile to one you already own. I have added a trade menu with joptionplane under Class you first select a reousce you want to trade away , and then you selecte a resource you wold liek to recieve. Trading is a Key element mid-late game. I have also Added a computer player class Hal.If game is set to one player mode Hal object will be created. Hal is represented buy a animation of a knight on the right hand side of the Resources chart. Hal will build Settlements in a random Avaliable spot adjcent to one of his own. line#162 He will build more then one if possible. and also takes advantage of trading and will trade away any 4 Resourcses for one he has 0 of. line#95 When hal takes his turn a animation of a knight runs across the screen, this is a sort of loading bar for hals turn progress. line#40 he will first roll the dice , then a bit later he will select a settlement to build , he will try and trade resources, and then he will attempt to build again.

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