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Greenfoot and the Sense Board

The Sense Board

The Sense Board is developed by the OU, and plugs into your PC to provide a number of extra inputs and outputs - 7 LEDs, an infra-red sensor, 4 resistance sensors, a microphone, button, two servos, a stepper motor and a slider. You can now use the Sense Board easily with Greenfoot to make use of this additional functionality in your scenarios.

The following scenarios are provided as examples of how to implement functionality from the Sense Board in your own work:

Sense Demo

This scenario provides a test of the Sense Board's features, essentially showing a "playground" of all the inputs and outputs.

Sense Breakout

This scenario uses the slider and button on the Sense Board to play breakout..

Side note: As part of implementing Sense Board control in Java / Greenfoot, we have also produced a protocol document which describes the technical details of the protocol used to communicate with the board. If this is of use to you (most likely if you are implementing Sense Board communication in another program / language), you can download it here. Please bear in mind though that it may change over time and isn't guaranteed to be accurate!