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Exporting to Greenfoot Gallery or as a webpage

Due to technical and security reasons, you cannot currently export projects that use GamePads to the Greenfoot Gallery or to use in your own webpage.

Exporting as a stand alone project

Projects can be exported as a project, but you need to manually copy some files from your project across in order for it to run.

  • Export your project as normal from Greenfoot.

  • Next navigate to both where your exported jar is, and to the your scenario's project folder.

  • Now copy across the following files and folder from your scenario's project folder, to the same folder as your exported project.

    • jinput-dx8.dll
    • jinput-dx8_64.dll
    • jinput-raw.dll
    • jinput-raw_64.dll
    • jinput-wintab.dll
    • libjinput-osx.jnilib
    • gamepadlib