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Avoid or target enemy orbs by changing colour, splitting, and combining your own.
Choose between 2 different controls to alter your experience. (Arcade control is suggested for beginners)Make sure you READ the instructions!

This is my first java game, so constructive critisism is encouraged.

I am not a music producer, so you can turn off the music in the settings.

Special thanks to my friends who helped me. Be sure to check the credits!


Q.How do I make more orbs?
A.The first orb you are given starts at a size of 25. When an orb is larger than 24 it will grow slowly by itself. Make sure it does not go under 25, so you may continue to survive.

Q.Why did the Enemy stopped spawning
A.You must kill all the enemy orbs in order to proceed to the next wave, check the minimap for red dots

Q.The last orb is the same colour as mine, but I can not kill it.
A.Just like yours the black orbs also have the ability to gain invunerability when still, so you must choose a different colour.

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Tags: mouse game arcade strategy

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Jan 21 01:02:08 UTC 2012 -High Scores now update after entering name -The last enemy no longer waits -TNT explosions have a larger radius -Score bug fix -Setting bug fix
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Jan 29 18:01:37 UTC 2012 High scores are now offline.

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