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This is a simple Pong demo as an example for Scratch2Greenfoot.
Started as a simple Pong-Game in Scratch:
and transformed with "A Scratch-Like Greenfoot"-Template:

A Scratch-Like Greenfoot includes a template class ScratchSprite that includes imlementations for most blocks (statements) used in Scratch.
Explanations are given for transfering the control structures into the Greenfoot syntax and for transforming other blocks.
Start learning Greenfoot by adopting a familiar Scratch-Program 1 to 1 to Greenfoot.

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Tags: with-source pong learning, scratch, programming, education, scratch2greenfoot,

open in greenfoot
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This is not PONG. This is more like Breakout than Pong. Pong has two vertical Sticks with a ball bouncing between them.

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