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Zamoht's Scenarios

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play Mouse Drawing (Pencil class)
plays 2597 / votes 1

Mouse Drawing (Pencil class)

by Zamoht, 2013/7/18

A class for drawing lines with the mouse.

play Graphics Test
plays 942 / votes 0

Graphics Test

by Zamoht, 2017/12/25

play Wombat Puzzles
plays 15661 / votes 12

Wombat Puzzles

by Zamoht, 2012/6/16

A total of 60 challenging levels! Are you intelligent enough to complete the game?

play 3D Supershapes
plays 1671 / votes 1

3D Supershapes

by Zamoht, 2016/12/23

Dynamic supershape with sliders

play 3D Terrain Generator
plays 1076 / votes 0

3D Terrain Generator

by Zamoht, 2016/12/14

Simple use of the jPCT library

play Snake
plays 2000 / votes 0


by Zamoht, 2014/2/19

Simple snake game.

play Darkness
plays 2594 / votes 4


by Zamoht, 2013/10/11

play Pencil Class (Upgraded)
plays 2713 / votes 2

Pencil Class (Upgraded)

by Zamoht, 2013/10/7

Drawing textures with the mouse.

play Parabola Math
plays 3970 / votes 3

Parabola Math

by Zamoht, 2013/9/28

Drawing a parabola from three dots

play Animated Health Bar (demo)
plays 6154 / votes 3

Animated Health Bar (demo)

by Zamoht, 2013/9/20