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MatheMagician's Scenarios

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play Series formula demo
plays 997 / votes 0

Series formula demo

by MatheMagician, 2012/7/3

Demonstrates using code to calculate irrational numbers

play Raycasting
plays 1041 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2014/4/18

A simple raycasting demo

play Crab
plays 2302 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2012/7/17

Another scrolling demo.

play Physics2
plays 1421 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2012/11/7

An upgrade from my previous engine that supports torque

play Improved Image Rotation
plays 1334 / votes 0

Improved Image Rotation

by MatheMagician, 2013/6/16

A superfast method of rotating a point

play Equation
plays 1195 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2012/10/18

Solves complex equations

play Line-follower
plays 1597 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2012/5/30

Demonstrates linefollowing

play Rotating Star System
plays 1156 / votes 0

Rotating Star System

by MatheMagician, 2013/6/4

Implements a super fast method for rotating points

play Pause
plays 1582 / votes 0


by MatheMagician, 2012/9/5

A demo of pausing just one actor.

play Carts
plays 1946 / votes 3


by MatheMagician, 2013/5/1

Get the banana!