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Herman's Scenarios

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play PaperScissorStone
plays 15178 / votes 28


by Herman, 2011/5/11

A game for two... comp and you.

play PinkDots
plays 26333 / votes 55


by Herman, 2009/6/11

PinkDots is a very cool optical illusion.

play Binary
plays 19569 / votes 34


by Herman, 2009/5/21

Binary Game is a simple conversion game.

play LetterMemory
plays 9067 / votes 24


by Herman, 2012/4/1

I was playing with lists and other fun stuff. Check it out :--)))

play CountTheBlackDots
plays 16211 / votes 21


by Herman, 2009/7/6

Count The Black Dots is a very cool optical illusion. Don't forget to recount :-)

play TripleH
plays 23024 / votes 39


by Herman, 2011/7/4

Move, jump and collect. Beware of the hens!

play AddThis
plays 16611 / votes 35


by Herman, 2012/2/1

Simple day-to-day counting

play Blue
plays 12384 / votes 18


by Herman, 2009/8/2

Blue is an optical illusion! Which blue is darker?

play OnTheDot
plays 14158 / votes 26


by Herman, 2009/8/12

Cover the red disk with the green disks.

play HappyNewYear
plays 7472 / votes 21


by Herman, 2012/1/1

Click or tap to find matching pairs.