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spaceblue's Scenarios

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play Space Adventure
plays 9692 / votes 11

Space Adventure

by spaceblue, 2009/5/27

An invaders-style game.

play Wombats in Space
plays 6861 / votes 2

Wombats in Space

by spaceblue, 2009/6/27

Help the hungry wombat get his leaves!

play Space Invaders
plays 6024 / votes 4

Space Invaders

by spaceblue, 2009/5/18

A simple shooter game.

play Space Breakout
plays 13683 / votes 18

Space Breakout

by spaceblue, 2009/3/30

Breakout with a space theme.

play Space Tetris
plays 4452 / votes 4

Space Tetris

by spaceblue, 2009/4/6

A tetris game with a space theme.

play Space Maze
plays 2385 / votes 2

Space Maze

by spaceblue, 2009/3/26

A modification to the Wombat Scenario. Press reset if you die or win a level.